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About us

Citadel Discovery capitalizes on existing AI technologies and invests in development of scalability of data generation and validation that will enable the next generation of drug-discovery and health-tech opportunities. AI in drug discovery is a rapidly advancing and expanding field. A platform and data generation focused organization is needed in order to create the comprehensive, large-scale datasets, enabling tools, and model validation infrastructure that are the foundation of successful machine learning in drug discovery.

Data scarcity is the greatest challenge to full realization of the power of AI/ML in drug discovery. Pharma and Biotech cannot justify generating data sets for unvalidated protein targets with unknown therapeutic potential. Academics, while highly interested in novel biology exploration, cannot achieve the funding to generate relevant data. Citadel Discovery’s data platform becomes a ‘go-to’ center of excellence for the full AI in DD community enabling direct data generation services, rapid model validation, and therapeutic and health-tech program enablement, including de-risked spin-off opportunities for unmet medical needs.

The Citadel data generation platform will rapidly grow to proteome-scale, with projected 500-1000 human disease relevant protein data sets through DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) by 2024. Citadel Discovery will commercialize access to these data sets for Pharma and Biotech while maintain low-cost or open-source access for academic groups that seek to expand the currently limited list of validated disease targets. Additionally, Citadel Discovery provides support services and technology transfer of data science, software, SaaS and wet-lab technology to enable internal capabilities for for-profit organizations.

Our experiences and connections in the early hit discovery predictive AI/ML, DEL and ultra-large-scale computation space puts Citadel in a unique position to bring together the key elements to generate highly sought-after chemical-biology focused data on a proteome-scale. Our CEO, Eric Sigel, pioneered the use of machine learning on DEL data, now driving $100Ms in investment in the industry. Our focus on disruptive logistics and industry-enabling, AI-native technology paradigms place us ahead of the curve.

Our structure, as a public benefit corporation (PBC), positions us as the ‘honest broker’ across the industry, appealing to commercial organizations as non-threatening from a therapeutic development standpoint and as a credible partner for academia concerned that industry would extract too high a share of the value. PBC status further allows us to focus on longer term ROI derived from the opportunities created by disruption rather than speculative, but more standard therapeutic-focused models.